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One from the Sterilite vaults

Was going through some storage containers, and found some old pictures from the late 1990s, including this one of a Skytouch public satellite phone. I believe I took it with a disposable 35mm camera in New Hampshire, around October, 1999. This might have been on the top of Mt. Washington, or at the Cog Railway Base Camp, but I don’t recall exactly.

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GE M-PA101 Guide

The excellent series by the late Mark Cobbledick KB4CVN/SK.








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Hamfest This Saturday In Connecticut This Saturday, April 3rd, 2021 the Vintage Radio and Communications Museum is having their first swap meet of the season. It is also the first hamfest in the state since COVID. Admission is free, so you should stop by and visit. A seller space is only $10, so if you have some excess radio […]

Hamfest This Saturday In Connecticut

I’ll be there tailgating. Will monitor 146.52 simplex. 73 DE W1WSO

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Cyberpunk Film Festival

One of my fellow makers/artists from my home region, Sophi Kravitz, put out a call last week for participants to do a quick short video for her team’s entry into HOPE 2020’s Cyberpunk Film Festival. Never did a film before, so I cleaned up the workbench to make it a presentable background, put on a “costume”, and said a few words they gave me in front of my phone’s camera.

We didn’t win, but it was still pretty fun.