Amateur Radio Links

73 DE W1WSO.

VHF/UHF+ Weak Signal – WA1MBA Microwave Comms – W1GHZ – North East Weak Signal Group – The Geekworks: 10GHz White Box Conversion Notes – The World Above 1000 MHz. – MODIFYING THE MICROWAVE ASSOCIATES “WHITE BOX” FOR 10GHz


Green Radios (Military Surplus) – Navy 6 Combat Comms – Military Radio Manuals Online – Brooke Clarke – Military Radio Collectors Association


frank_and_the_fmlaFrank and the Five Meter Liberation Army (FMLA).  AB5L/SK’s story of a reincarnated Frank C. Jones’ (W6AJF/SK) efforts to recover the old 5 Meter Band after all the Channel 2 TV stations change frequency. – Refurbishing the Wavetek SAM for 88–108 MHz – Black Radios – Telemetry Intelligence During the Cold War – SGC Publications. Of particular interest are the HF Users Guide and Smartuners For Stealth Antennas. – RACAL – ADFT12D Manual (RDF) – GE M-PA Guides. A very nice LMR HT you can run on the VHF and UHF ham bands.


WA7MLH – Homebrew Inspiration

Last updated 11/11/2019.

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